The Big False Dots Quiz

So if you are a band called The False Dots, it makes sense to have a True or False quiz for the entertainment of our fans.

The False Dots have been around a long, long time. In this time, many stories, myths and legends have sprung up. Some are true, some are myth. We thought it might be fun to have a little quiz, to see if you can guess which are true and which dots are false!

All of these stories have circulated about the band over the years. 

Do the quiz and check the answers at the end.

1. Hank Marvin of The Shadows has a co-writing credit on one of the False Dots original songs.

2. The False Dots wrote Submission by The Sex Pistols and the Pistols nicked it.

3. Rog T of the False Dots once hit a Sex Pistols roadie on the head with his guitar at a band rehearsal.

4. Spotlight, by The False Dots, with Connie Abbe has had 11 million listens on the Manchester City FC website.

5. The False Dots were the first English band to play The Pub Bastun on the Baltic Island of Aland.

6. The False Dots played at the Stand Stoned Starkers for Peace nudist festival on Hampstead Heath in 1983.

7. Rog T of the False Dots, started his career as the star of a Heinz Baked Bean Commercial in 1968.

8. Paul Hircombe RIP, bassplayer of the False Dots was on the run from the Police for a year and was mentioned on Crimewatch.

9. The False Dots were featured in a scandal on the news in Sweden during our 1982 tour.

10. Rog T, guitarist of The False Dots was asked to play guitar in a version of ELO in 1988.

So what do you think? We'll give you a clue. We'll give you a clue, four are false and six are true. 


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